Problem: Individuals enter emergency rooms and clinics without health insurance, unable to pay. In many cases, they qualify for subsidies or programs, but aren’t enrolled. Intake nurses don’t have the time or ability to educate them on options. Solution: Automate the education process. After interviews with representatives of hospitals, who understand the problem, we conducted […]

Problem: How can event operators win more business and outmaneuver their competitors? Industry standard turnaround time for a sales proposal is 3-4 days and requires a lot of manual desktop publishing drudgery. Solution: We analyzed the processes that sales staff at event operators used to create proposals and applied automated tools to eliminate manual and […]

Problem: Red Hat’s Linux OS and other offerings were widely used by system administrators and developers, but inaccessible to non-geeks. Solution: I oversaw the creation and launch of the Red Hat eCommerce Suite, a turn-key bundle of Red Hat, Interchange, secure webserver, and other software tied together with a user-friendly configuration interface.

Problem: The company’s flagship product was widely used but had limited revenue potential and offered little direct benefit to the law enforcement agencies that paid for it. Solution: I hired a new team and led the design and development of Command Central, an analytics and reporting platform for law enforcement. This solution is now the […]