Problem: Mobile phone handset refurbisher couldn’t source enough used iPhones to meet demand. Solution: I helped Mobixa think bigger than just buying handsets, and realize that their biggest competitor was the junk drawer. After interviewing hundreds of mobile phone users, we discovered that most were unaware that used iPhones had substantial value, and most were […]

Problem: How can event operators win more business and outmaneuver their competitors? Industry standard turnaround time for a sales proposal is 3-4 days and requires a lot of manual desktop publishing drudgery. Solution: We analyzed the processes that sales staff at event operators used to create proposals and applied automated tools to eliminate manual and […]

Problem: Red Hat’s Linux OS and other offerings were widely used by system administrators and developers, but inaccessible to non-geeks. Solution: I oversaw the creation and launch of the Red Hat eCommerce Suite, a turn-key bundle of Red Hat, Interchange, secure webserver, and other software tied together with a user-friendly configuration interface.

Problem: Backcountry’s ecommerce system could not keep up with their rapid growth and didn’t have the flexibility to do merchandizing and promotions. Solution: Deployed the platform that I designed and built, Interchange, which powered their strategy of heavily customized sites for specific customer segments. This project started before Red Hat’s acquisition of Akopia, and continued […]

Problem: After rolling out their first-generation ecommerce site, Canon wanted to increase direct sales of copier toner through their site. Solution: Canon had an unfair advantage they weren’t exploiting. High end copiers were net-connected and could transmit data about consumables back to headquarters. We helped Canon design and build a system that monitored toner use […]